Praises and Prayers.



Tony & Linda - AN - Jan. 1st 

Carl - BD - Jan. 5th

Angie M. - BD - Jan. 13th

Tricia E. - BD - Jan. 18th

Tony - BD - Jan. 20th

Pat Weis - BD - Jan. 21st

Barbara S. - BD - Jan. 23rd

Barbara V. - BD - Jan. 23rd





BEREAVED: Brooks  & Nugent Families


Susan Burrows ~ headaches / work

Carol Bellerose (SB) ~ ongoing health needs

Dennis Burrows ~ foot to heal

Hank Dykes ~ sinus problems

Lora Ellis ~ no blood clot in arm / test

Wayne Ellis ~ pathology reports

Christy Johnson ~ safety at work

Richard Johnson ~ healing of back problems

Dwayne Navarre ~ come back to the Lord

Mike & Melody ~ come back to church

Raymond Putze ~ came home Tues.  PTL!

Gerald Raduns ~ pain/general health/eyes

Barbara Shifflett ~ foot to heal & tooth

Sammy Snellings ~ throat issues

Carl Vollmer ~ daily health needs

DONNIE WEIS ~ cont. healing improving

Frances’ GD Amy ~ pancreatic disease

Janey Duffey ~ failing health

Kelley Hite ~ pituitary tumor

Justin Mackey ~ bad bladder infection / wound

Steph McClung ~ depression & finances

Mr. & Mrs. Shumake (LW) ~ daily health needs John West (PW) ~ lung surg.1/13 & salvation

Betty Bartruff (SI) ~ daily health needs

Louise Proffitt (NH) ~ daily health needs

Louise Woodburn (SI) ~ daily health needs

Ariana’s friend Tricia ~ broken eye-socket

Carl’s Mom ~ COVID at Colonial Harbor

Linda’s Parents ~ COVID vaccinations

Brenda Smith’s dad ~ bloodclot & AFIB

Our Missionaries 

Service men & women

America’s leaders & our country as we transition to new leadership

Victims of storms & flooding


Baby Lily ~ in hospital, heart failing

Baby Tallulah ~ kidney health

Colton ~ ongoing health needs

Hannah ~ out of hospital now

Arlene’s husband w/ dementia & Parkinsons

Becca Barton (AB) ~ in bad health, can’t work

Vickie Bobbitt (BS) ~ torn miniscus

Ricky Brooks (FB) ~ has COVID

Danny Cubbage (JC) ~ waiting for heart tran.

BJ Ellis ~ foot in boot/pray no surgery

Lawrie Beth & family ~ COVID

Ralph Ellis ~ Parkinsons/home

May Fleming (CV) ~ COVID

Mary King ~ daily health needs

Teresa Major (JC) ~ more heart problems

Ethan Markham (BS) ~ emotional healing

Nick Mays (JC) ~ paralyzed, very depressed

Kenny Osby ~ fluid on brain, doing worse

James Paynter (BS) ~ healing of shoulders

Priscilla & Skeeter Pierce (BS) ~ dementia

Diane Powell (FB) ~ healing of broken arm

Tracey (Shifflett) ~ life changes or seizures

Shirley Southward ~ stent in bile duct/therapy

Judy Turnoff (BS) ~ back surgery recovery

Rick Webster (SB) ~ stroke rec./homeless

Jim Bickerstaff (JD) ~ C./ bladder ~ chemo

Red Browning (HD) ~ C./ chemo & heart

Linda Cosner (BS) ~ C/brain chemo.

Donna Hornsby (SB) ~ C/lung/hospice

Susan’s Mom ~ C/ OK for now

David Lennox (DN) ~ C/ radiation

Judy Rogers (LE) ~ C./ chemo to shrink

Ron Ruby (JS) ~ C./colon treatments now

Richard Taylor (SB) ~ C./ positive for COVID 

Jessica Togger (JC) ~ C/ radiation

Doug Watson ~ C./ pray for miracle

Joe Woods ~ C./ leukemia

ISRAEL/ protection from enemies




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