Praises and Prayers.



BEREAVED: Finneyfrocks, Koehns, Lowerys & Mackeys





Frances Battelle ~ cataract surgery this week

Carol Bellerose (SB) ~ COPD

Jerry Bellerose (SB) ~ doing better

SUSAN BURROWS ~ dermatology report

DENNIS BURROWS ~ depression

Pastor Alan ~ continued healing from surg.

Janet Dykes ~ sciatica

Lora Ellis ~ shortness of breath

Emily Raduns ~ dizziness

Gerald Raduns ~ swelling in legs

Barbara & Junior ~ travel safety & God’s help

Sammy Snellings ~ throat issues

DONNIE ~ immunotherapy & brain tumor

Pat Weis ~ call back on mammogram

Doug Watson ~ C./ body scan late Sept.

Kelley Hite ~ pituitary tumor

Justin Mackey ~ continued health needs

Steph McClung ~ health & job

Mr. & Mrs. Shumake (LW) ~ general health

Betty Bartruff (SI) ~ daily health needs

Louise Proffitt (NH) ~ daily health needs

Louise Woodburn (SI) ~ daily health needs

Ariana’s dad ~ AFIB & salvation

Brenda’s dad ~ continued health improvement

Carl’s Mom ~ general health

Weis’ DIL Paula ~ melanoma recovery

Our Missionaries

Service men & women

ISRAEL/ protection from enemies


Colton ~ doing really great now, PTL!

Hannah ~ general health needs

Tallulah ~ kidney cyst growing / surgery?

Arlene’s husband ~ Parkinson’s/hospice

Ray (PW) ~ for salvation

Bert’s neighbor for salvation

AMY (FB) ~ healing miracle needed

Sisters Nancy & Delores (BS) ~ back issues

Kara & Addison (JD) ~ health insurance

Stephanie Askins ~ therapy is going well

John Bickerstaff’s friend ~ brain damage

Vickie Bobbitt (BS) ~ leg surg. in Sept.

Ralph Ellis ~ Parkinsons getting worse

Jessie Flynn (BS) ~ salvation & drug recovery

John & Gioai Gastaldo ~ grief & health

Jennifer, Joey & Addison Gossett ~ COVID

Mary King ~ surgery recovery, pathology

Brenda (MK) ~ stroke recovery

Betty Kipps ~ daily dialysis, very ill

Teresa Major (JC) ~ ongoing health needs

Nick Mays (JC) ~ paralyzed, very depressed

Melody Nichols (JC) ~ in a lot of pain

Leslie Osby (NO) ~ bypass recovery

Josiah Paynter (BS) ~ MS, drop foot

Ray Family (LE) ~ COVID

Priscilla & Skeeter Pierce (BS) ~ dem. / hernia

Pastor Jeremy Smith ~ COVID in hospital

Josh Wallace (JC) ~ young man w/ mental ill.

Jerri Wright (BS) ~ elderly patient health

Joyce C & Mary (PW) ~ at cancer center

George (DC) ~ C. / melanoma & salvation (80)

Betsy Cartwright (JC) ~ C./ brain, ex. chemo

Linda Cosner (BS) ~ C/brain chemo

Rob Hetrick (SM) ~ C. / new treatment

Joe Woods ~ C./ congestive heart failure




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