Praises and Prayers.


BEREAVED: Eberly Family


Pray against the rise of antisemitism in US

ISRAEL/ protection & salvation for nation





Frances Battelle ~ biopsy results

Wanda (FB) ~ pathology report to be clear

Susan Burrows ~ allergies / stress / eyes

Dennis Burrows ~ lungs / dementia worse

Jerry Belrose ~ has help setting up nursing hm

Carol Belrose ~ COPD

Vivian Pezutto (SB) ~ needs back surg. / 5/14

Ariana Bracalente ~ liver health

Debbie Cousins ~ knees

Janet Dykes ~ neuro. & uro. in April

John Bickerstaff (JD) ~ heart tests/salvation

Micah Taylor (HD) ~ health issues / come home

Battey Family (HD) ~ special need

Lora ~ heart / back / sinus

Angela Ray / caring for dad

Emily Raduns ~ daily health needs

Junior Shifflett ~ surgery recovery

Brenda’s Dad ~ p. cancer/ hormone treatment

Sammy Snellings ~ treatment for p. cancer

Carl Vollmer ~ surgery recovery

Christopher Mayton (BV) ~ unspoken

DONNIE ~ infusions / lungs

Dink (DW) ~ in hospice

Pat Williford ~ healing sight & hearing

Justin Mackey ~ continued health needs

Louise Proffitt (HHC) ~ daily health needs

Louise Woodburn (SI) ~ daily health needs

Carl’s Mom ~ general health

Rev. Cotman ~ surgery recovery

Dr. O.T. Broaddus ~ blood clots

Our Unsaved Family Members ~ for salvation

Hannah ~ back home

Jack (AC) ~ encopresis

Amy (FB) ~ see surgeon after baby born

Becca Baker ~ custody trial in July

Thomas B. (DC) ~ knee & heart surg./ g. kids

Sandy (BS) ~ ALS in hospice

Debbie & Jerry Lisbon ~ she terminal cancer

Julia Guenther (AB) ~ lots of pain

Ann Haislip (LE) ~ recovery from bad fall

Vickie Hite ~ recovery from eye surgery

Teresa Major (JC) ~ pacemaker problems

Dwayne Navarre ~ pneumonia/heart

Linda Osby ~ stroke recovery

James Paynter family ~ family restoration

Josiah Paynter (BS) ~ SP15 (conference)

Priscilla/Skeeter Pierce (BS) ~ dementia bad

Rev. David Sedaca ~ surgery recovery

Judy Segulin ~ 81 problems at home

Josh Wallace (JC) ~ doing much better now

Ed Wells (JC) ~ needs kidney transplant

Ray Worsham (J&J) ~ hip replacement 4/5

Rev. Steve Battaglia ~ continued recovery

Margaret ~ C./surgery, salvation

Betsy Cartwright (JC) ~ C./ doing better

Linda Cosner (BS) ~ C / brain lots of problems

Christy Darlington (LW) ~ DIL cancer

Bubba Dixon (BS) ~ C./ liver, chemo

Norman Eighmey (LE) ~ C./ brain hospice

Kathy Edwards (CM) ~ C./ 4th stage

Mr. Halsey (HD) ~ C./ panc./radiation/chemo

Rob Hetrick (SM) ~ C./ liver, better

John Miller (CM) ~ C./ chemo, very weak

David Moore (BS) ~ hospice, can’t talk

Bert Pope ~ C./ upcoming lung surgery

John West (PW) ~ C./ doing chemo & rad.




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