Sermon Study Guide



What About the Law?


Romans: From Guilt to Glory (42) - Sept. 15, 2019 - Pastor Alan Cousins


Text:  Romans 5:20-21


Introduction:  Though he is speaking to a mixed congregation of Jewish as well as Gentile Christians, Paul is speaking within the c______ of dominant J______. Even the G______ Christians who were a part of this fellowship knew the O__ T________ scriptures fairly well.  They knew the importance of the r_________ of God's l__ and how it distinguished Israel from all the nations.

 Paul wanted to s____ his audience into realizing why salvation is by g____ and not the l___



       (Rom. 5:20a)

God's primary reason for giving the law was to c______ and to c_______ us of sin. The law is not our s_____. The very presence of the law i__________ our predicament. God's great solution to the original sin problem we inherited from Adam was C_____ and g____. The i_____ of the law was to i_______ sin. 

   *  Paul’s Answer Is P______ -- This phrase was deliberately designed by Paul to p______ an i______ r_______ from his hearers.

*   Paul’s Answer Is P______ -- A lot of folks have m____________ Paul to be saying that the law has n______ to do with the believer at all.

*   Paul’s Answer Is P_________ -- The law serves to e______ to us what sin is and to e_____ sin in us.  The law shows us o________ and our need for g____

The Greek word “pedagogue” means “t______.” 

We n____ k___ we were such a m___ before the law came. God didn't send the law into the world to be the s_______.  God sent the law into the world so we would know we needed g____.

*   Paul’s Answer Is P__________ -- In a fallen world, once the r________ b_________ of God are laid down, there is an inclination in the sinful, human heart to find those boundaries and transgress them. 

II. GRACE O___________ THE INCREASE OF S___ (Rom. 5:20b)

 Paul doesn't mean that we o____ t__ s___ so that grace can abound. Grace meets sin h____ o__, and d______ it. 

It seems our favorite way of dealing with sin and shame is d_____.


This passage is so comforting, not only because it teaches us w___ salvation is by g____ a____, but it also teaches us that n__ s___ is g______ than God's grace.