Sermon Study Guide



The Added Blessings of Justification

Part 2: Rejoicing in Suffering


Romans: From Guilt to Glory (36) - July 14, 2019 - Pastor Alan Cousins


Text: Romans 5:3-5


Introduction: Having been made right with God, and having no fear of condemnation at the last day, it's no wonder that we can rejoice in our future.

But we also boast, exult, and rejoice in suffering and tribulation!!!

I.  JUSTIFICATION Enables Us to Rejoice in our sufferings

    (Rom. 5:3ab; Heb. 12:2)


Paul doesn't say that we glory in spite of our tribulations.

He doesn't say we rejoice in the midst of our tribulations.

He says we rejoice because of our tribulations.

BASIC BIBLICAL DEFINITION: Tribulations are anything we suffer for the Lord Jesus Christ.


Nothing in the universe can destroy us as long as God is on our side.

Even in a universe which is warped by sin, God in His fatherly wisdom is ordering everything for our good.

Things to Remember When You Are Going Thru Tribulations:

        • Your trial can be an instrument God is using to further His purposes in your life.

        • Your trouble may be discipline or God's fatherly correction.

        • It might be a test of your character to prepare you for something ahead.


When we are with God forever in eternity future, our ascended human bodies will be transformed and perfected.

While we will enjoy blemish-free glorified bodies, Jesus will continue to bear the marks of His crucifixion.

His scars are a reminder of His amazing love for us.


    SANCTIFICATION (Rom. 5:3c-5a)

Sanctification is our growth in Christ-likeness and spiritual maturity. It produces the endurance of faith in our lives.

God's specific purpose in every test is not to destroy us, but to build us up. Therefore we can glory in our trials.

Our tribulations plus God's gospel providence of grace produces endurance which in turn produces character; and character is the proof of grace in our lives. Then, Christ-like character produces a sure and settled hope.


Every trial falls from above.