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Romans: From Guilt to Glory (33) - June 16, 2019 - Pastor Alan Cousins


Text: Romans 4:16-17


Introduction: Why is justification by faith? Why does God use faith and not something else as the instrument by which we receive salvation?

Jewish Objections:

Paul, it is very clear that our father Abraham was justified by h__ w____.” W____ -- Rom. 4:1-3

But Paul, God cares about what we do and how we live; He will judge us by our w____.” Y__, B__ -- Rom. 4:4-8

Yes, but the blessedness David is talking about is r_______ for the J___ who are under the l__.” W____ -- Rom. 4:9-12

Yes, but Abraham received his inheritance because of his o__ r____________.” W____ -- Rom. 4:13-15

Yes, but why would God justify us by faith alone?” Rom. 4:16-17

I.    WHY IS JUSTIFICATION BY F____? (Rom. 4:16)

Justification Is by Faith, Because the L__ B_____ W____

They put their trust in their o___ a______ of law keeping

as opposed to God’s gracious p_______ for a s_____

relationship with Him.


Where there is law, there is l__ b_______.

Apart from grace, the law is going to exaggerate our tendency to go against God's law. So the progression will be the l__, t____________, and then of course, God's c___________.

Another Objection:Wait a second, Paul. The law has a provision for God's favor towards us even when we sin; if we r_____, He forgives us. The law also has a provision that if we sin, we are to g___ a___ in order to make restitution. Why the law even has atonement. If we sin we m___ s_________ and we are made right with God.”


Paul’s Response:You need to understand that this if far more radical than you ever dreamt. Repentance means nothing if you don't r______ the problem. Blood means nothing unless there is a real sacrifice that s________ s__. The elements of the law God gave you to provide an external reconciliation with Him mean nothing if they are not f________ in Jesus Christ.”

► Justification Is by Faith, Because F____ Is in Accordance

with G____

We not only d____ d_____ God's favor, we have not done

anything positive enough to e___ or w_____ His favor, in

fact we have done the opposite by b_______ God's law.

What we offer to God can n____ m____ the grace of His

gift because He has given His Son.

F____ causes us to look away from ourselves, and look to what God has p_______.

You don't e___ a gift. You r______ a gift; and faith corresponds to receiving that gift.


If God was going to give the nations to Abraham as his spiritual inheritance, then it must be through some other means than the Mosaic law. This gift had to be r_______ by f____.
If you want to be condemned,
l___ w_____; but if you want to be saved, you must l___ u__ to Jesus Christ.

III. JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH IS N________ FOR THE F__________ OF GOD’S COVENANT PROMISE (Rom. 4:17; Heb. 11:17-19)


God opened Sarah's womb, which for all intents and purposes, was a g____; and He brought forth l___ from her dead womb.

Perhaps, this phrase points to the m________ of Abraham's descendants. For many years Abraham's name (lit. g____ f_____) did not match his experience because he was childless.


Today, __ b______ people on this planet worship the s___ of Abraham -- the Lord Jesus Christ.

Abraham trusted God so much that he knew if necessary God would r________ Isaac from the dead in order to fulfill His promises.