Sermon Study Guide




Rising He Justified – Part 1


Romans: From Guilt to Glory (22) - Mar. 10, 2019 - Pastor Alan Cousins


Text: Romans 3:21-26


Introduction: How are you going to stand before God? What will you be dressed in when you appear before Him?


KEY CONCEPT 1: When you stand before God on Judgment Day, knowing that your life has been far from perfect; what will make you bold enough to stand before Him?


KEY CONCEPT 2: Most of us try to cope with these ugly truths about ourselves by denial or rationalization. Paul says if this is our answer, first of all we're in BIG trouble; and secondly, we're not even prepared to hear the gospel. It's only those who realize they deserve condemnation and judgment who are ready to hear the greatness of the good news.


God absolves those who are guilty through His Son fulfilling the penalty of the Law by His own life and death.


Paul is excited that God does this in such a way that His justice and righteousness are not compromised, but rather are highlighted and exalted so that He shows His grace to us.


Paul is not surprised that God is gracious, rather he is amazed and overwhelmed that God shows and bestows His grace in such a way that His justice is never compromised.




     WITH HIM (Rom. 3:21; Gal. 4:4)


Paul uses this phrase “but now” in two ways: (1) as a way of reckoning time; and (2) as proof of God fulfilling His promises found in the old covenant.



The gospel displays the distinction between what we were BEFORE and AFTER our union with Christ.


II.  THE gospel manifests god's righteousness apart

     from the law (Rom. 3:21)


God's righteousness has been made manifest completely apart from our obedience to the law.


Unless you are trusting in a righteousness outside of yourself to enable you to stand before God, you most certainly will not be able to stand boldly before the Righteous Judge of all the earth.


III.  THE gospel demonstrates god's justice and his mercy

       (Rom. 3:21-22)


The gospel is fundamentally a demonstration of God's righteousness and justice in the midst of His mercy.


How the Gospel is a Display of God's Righteousness


  • God's Righteous Character Is Seen in the Way He Pardons Sinners

  • God's righteousness is vindicated by the gospel because God fully pays the penalty for our sin debt.

  • Propitiation = the appeasement of the wrath of God due for sin.

  • God’s Righteous Character Is Seen in His Faithfulness to Keep His Promises


The way of salvation is the same in both the Old and the New Testaments.


  • God’s Righteous Character Is Seen in His Condemning Judgment


The cross revealed forever that God takes sin seriously, and He will punish the transgressor.

Sin's punishment is meted out in one of two ways; either Jesus bears the punishment for our sins or Adam does; it depends on who you choose.


  • God’s Righteous Character Is Seen in His Imputation for Our Justification


  • God’s Righteous Character Is Seen in Its Impartation for our Sanctification




Those who teach that salvation was by works in the Old Testament, and not by grace through faith as it is in the New Testament, have no clue about what the apostle Paul is talking about.


God planned for His righteousness to be received by means of the gospel by trusting and believing in Jesus as the Messiah.


Faith entails knowledge, belief, and trust.


Christ commends us to God; and faith is our way of laying hold of Him.


The righteousness of Christ puts us in good standing with God.