Sermon Study Guide


God’s Word Is Our Foundation

Answers (Lesson 1) - Sept. 19, 2021 - Rev. Alan Cousins


Text: Psalm 19:7-11; 86:11; 119:105, NASB


Introduction: Today we begin journey of study together which will be different from any we have done in the past. It will blend apologetics (defending the faith) with inductive Bible study to help equip you to answer the challenges posed by skeptics and strengthen your own faith and devotion to Christ.


The key theme of today’s message is the authority of God’s Word in every area of our lives.




David is speaking to God in this verse.


He asks the Lord for two things: (1) To be taught God’s way; and (2) To have his heart united so that he might fear God.


Walk” is often used in Scripture to refer to a pattern of life or the course one follows.


Other passages where the Christian walk is referenced are: John 8:12; Rom. 6:4; 2 Cor. 5:7; and Eph. 4:1.


When we study the Bible we start by observing what the text says. In each of the verses referenced above, there are figures of speech we need to interpret. We use the normal use of language, the immediate context of the surrounding verses, and the rest of Scripture to help us understand the meaning of the text. Sometimes it helps us to understand the culture of the writer and other historical elements.


David desired to live his life in light of God’s truth. Here is where we can take the truths which are revealed and begin to find applications for our own lives.


Just as David desired to live his life according to God’s principles of truth, so we should all strive for the same goal in our Christian lives.


II.  A LAMP & A LIGHT (Psalm 119:105)


In this verse, God’s Word is described as a lamp and a light. The psalmist is using a metaphor to compare two things.


In verse 112 of this psalm, we see in the various translations of the Bible phrases like “righteous ordinances,” “Your word,” “statues,” and “precepts.”


All of these phrases refer to God’s revealed truth, similar to the “word” in verse 105. We are so blessed today to have God’s revealed truth in the Bible.


The idea of walking in the light of God’s Word is common to both passages. Connecting similar passages also helps us interpret Scripture.


The Bible can function as a set of glasses. If we look at the world through the lens of Scripture, we see things very differently from the way the world sees things. As Christians, we trust what God has revealed to us, and we view the world from a Biblical perspective.


While there is no disputing that there are problems within our society, they are really more like symptoms of an underlying problem. The real problem is that people don’t take God’s view of these issues into account.


Just like in the time of the judges, the King of kings is not honored, and each person does what is right in their own eyes (see: Judg. 17:6; 21:25). The root problem is that Bible is NOT the authority in the lives of individuals as they willfully rebel against their Creator.


We should not desire to simply return to a tradition from the good old days, but to point people to God’s Word and His authority. This is what it means to put on our Biblical glasses. Every thought must be taken captive to the obedience of God as it says in 2 Corinthians 10:4-6.


We must see God’s Word as the absolute authority in every area of our lives, seeing the world through Biblical glasses, and taking every step in the light of His Word. Our Christian “walk” should be down a path which is illuminated by all the truths found in the Word of God.


If we are going to use the Bible as our lamp, we have to study it, know its message, and where to go for certain answers to specific questions.


III.  WHAT IS GOD’S WORD? (Psalm 19:7-11)







Revives the soul




















As Christians, the Bible should be our standard of truth, our guide for every step in our lives, and the truth that we proclaim to those who are outside of the faith.




Scripture should be the authority we look to in every area of our lives. It is a lamp to light our path, a source of unity with God’s heart, a tool for making the simple wise, etc.


If we look at the world without filtering what we see through the teachings of Scripture, we see things in a distorted way. The truths from the Bible help us see the world “clearly” -- as it really is. Since God is the Creator of the world, we can only rightly understand the world by beginning with what He has revealed to us.


When individuals and societies do not see the Bible as the authority they must submit to the consequences are: immoral behavior gets excused, everyone does what is right in their own eyes; we see excuses for abortion, homosexuality, divorce, and even murder.




What we have been talking about is called a worldview, and everybody has one. As Christians, our worldview should be firmly founded upon the truths God has revealed to us in the Bible.


Every area of life is colored by a person’s own worldview. Every decision we make is based on what we believe about God, the nature of man, and what we look to as the source of truth.


Many people simply want to be in charge of their own lives and reject God’s authority as a result of it. Others believe the Bible is outdated, full of myths, and unreliable.